About Me

CUT THE FISH - jewelry with a message


My name is Sonka (aka Sonya) and I live in Israel. 
I design, manufacture and sell handmade jewellery, 
this is my passion and my only job.

I chose my slogan - "jewelry with a message" - because I use my own paintings. 
Every painting is a bit of my world and my soul 
which I want to share with everyone around. 
It could be an abstract art or a realistic painting, 
a pattern or paintings of people or animals. 
And when my art transforms into jewelry, it contains a message, 
a fairy tale or a story that wishes to be told and heard.


Its origins come from a Russian saying “Rubit’ fishku”. 
It means “getting the idea”, and the word “fishka” itself 
also means a small, useful or just a cool looking feature.


Before I started my journey after creativity in handmade jewelry, 
I've come a long way identifying myself. 
I've been an extreme sports instructor, archaeologist and a historian. 
But I always practiced handmade. 
I practiced in clothes designing, 
scrapbooking and drawing and even 
taught beadwork to children.

I have a bachelor’s degree in history and archeology 
and used to work in dig sites. 
Probably my creativity was inflicted by it: 
I often use history motives in my works.
II pose myself as a typical hunting gatherer: 
I passionately hunt for knowledge 
and gathering new ideas.

I'm always happy to see you in my shop.
Enjoy and thanks for visiting,

Sonka aka Cut the Fish