Blue Earrings Girl on Paper Boat

  • $28.50

Blue Bronze Earrings with Girl on Origami Paper Boat and Pink Cherry Blossom.

My original painting entitled, “The Fairy Girl on a Paper Boat”, inspired these beautiful earrings. 

It's a story of a Girl's travels in Origami world...
"The Fairy Tale says: if someone will craft one thousand Paper Cranes, their wishes will come true. One Girl got curious of where do these Cranes go after they fulfill the wishes and how to find this place.

"... In Search of Paper Cranes The Girl reached Origami World on a Paper Plane, but was told to her that the Cranes should be found on a magic lake, but no one could tell her how to find this lake.

The girl decided that she cannot rush. She trusted one calm River, sooner or later it would necessarily fall into the right place. The girl made a Paper Boat and started her journey among the cherry blossoms, waiting for a meeting with a miracle ... "

... This painting wants to tell that sometimes even in following your dream you must remain calm and even take a short rest. And what do you think: Is the way to your dream is more important than the dream itself? 

Other collection items you can find in my shop by “Paper Times” tag.

• Total length of earrings is around 4 cm /1.57 inches
• The cabochon measure around 16mm /0.6 inches
• Antique Bronze Tone Base

The earrings are made of antique bronze tone ear-wires. My painting is carefully printed on special paper that is covered by magnifying glass, which protects and highlights the image. The jewelry is not waterproof.

Comes in an original author gift box.

Real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your display, as it depends on your monitor settings.

If you have any questions, you can easily contact me

Thank you so much for looking at these earrings!

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