Paper Crane Origami Cuff Links

  • $28.50

Men's Origami Bronze Cuff Links, Perfect Present for him. 

These Cuff Links are created from my painting “Paper Crane”.

It's a story of a Girl's travels in Origami world...
The Fairy Tale says: if someone will craft one thousand Paper Cranes, their wishes will come true. One Girl got curious of where do these Cranes go after they fulfill the wishes and how to find this place.

This is the last painting of "Paper Times" collection and the end of the story about the Girl, who was looking for Paper Cranes, fulfilling wishes... The girl sailed for a long time on a Paper Boat and finally heard the slamming of the paper wings and saw the Magic Lake and a millions of Paper Cranes. Then she sat on the pier and listened for a long time to the stories of Paper Cranes about far-far countries and wishes ... When I finished this painting, I felt like I had finished the thousandth paper crane, and one of my dreams was come true. I wanted to tell a fairy tale, and I made it as I can, in paintings

And your dreams have ever come true?

• The Cuff Links measure in diameter approx. 14 mm /0.55"
• Total length is 20 mm/0.79" from end to the end
• Antique Bronze Tone Base

My painting is carefully printed on special paper that is covered by magnifying glass, which protects and highlights the image.

Comes in a original author gift box.

Real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your display, as it depends on your monitor settings.

If you have any questions, you can easily contact me

Thank you so much for looking at these cuff links!

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